How to contact CIMB customer service Hotline ? Have a problem with your CIMB bank account or Credit Card ?

You may contact CIMB Call Centre at 603-6204 7788 available 24 hours or email to for further inquiries. You may also comtact CIMB via below channels. CIMB Contact Number

CIMB malaysia
CIMB Customer Service Hotline

CIMB Customer Service Hotline

+603 6204 7788

Service Hours : Available 24 hours

CIMB Premier Credit Card Call Centre

+603 6204 7799

CIMB WhatsApp Customer Service

+603-2261 0888
whatsapp support

Email to CIMB Customer Support (Individual)

Email to CIMB Customer Support (Companies)
Feedback Form

CIMB Feedback Form

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Yes, CIMB Customer Service hotline at 03-6204 7788 is ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may whatsapp to official CIMB@WhatsApp at 03-2261 0888

2 Thoughts on “CIMB Customer Service Hotline & Call Centre”

  • 1) I wish to know if my card credit limit can be adjusted for a one off transaction.
    2) After the transaction, how do I change the credit limit to be back to before the change.
    3) How much more (maximum) can it be increased to?

  • hello my TAC is blocked, because of some mistake. i try to call customer service, very hard to get.

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