How to contact CIMB customer service Hotline ? Have a problem with your CIMB bank account or Credit Card ?

You may contact CIMB Call Centre at 603-6204 7788 available 24 hours or email to for further inquiries. You may also comtact CIMB via below channels. CIMB Contact Number

CIMB Customer Service Hotline

CIMB Customer Service Hotline

+603 6204 7788

Service Hours : Available 24 hours

CIMB Premier Credit Card Call Centre

+603 6204 7799

CIMB WhatsApp Customer Service

+603-2261 0888

Email to CIMB Customer Support (Individual)

Email to CIMB Customer Support (Companies)

CIMB Feedback Form

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Yes, CIMB Customer Service hotline at 03-6204 7788 is ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may whatsapp to official CIMB@WhatsApp at 03-2261 0888

2 Thoughts on “CIMB Customer Service Hotline & Call Centre”

  • 1) I wish to know if my card credit limit can be adjusted for a one off transaction.
    2) After the transaction, how do I change the credit limit to be back to before the change.
    3) How much more (maximum) can it be increased to?

  • hello my TAC is blocked, because of some mistake. i try to call customer service, very hard to get.

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