How to contact CJ Century Hotline ? Have a problem with your CJ Century parcel ?

You may contact and call CJ Century Customer Service Hotline at 1700-81-8282 or email to for further enquiries.

CJ Century customer service

CJ Century Customer Service Hotline


Service Hours : Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm (Except Public Holiday)

CJ Century Courier Email Support

15 Thoughts on “CJ Century Customer Service Hotline”

  • My item delivery on 1/4 and 2/4 but delivery fail . Can u delivery my item by this monday ??? Tracking number ( CJMY218509872625R )

  • Hi, why my item took until 3 days to deliver? Parcel failed to be deliver bu DA skudai? Designated delivery date without calling me? Please deliver my parcel ASAP! CJMY214971880453R

  • My parcel is in butterworth hup 21043uhttwv3k has been delay pas the estimated time of delivery date .when it will be delivered give me a date so I can decide to refund

  • hi may i know how about my parcel CJ 600016562294 not yet received but systems done delivery ????

  • please help to check my parcel. I supposed to received it on the 19 Mei but still not yet received it. I check the tracking number in the CJ Century system is still showing in Bukit Raja. Here is my tracking number CJMY217234452540R. Please advise when will be the actual date to receive.

  • On 22 delay dlvred,today out for dlvry at 10a.m.still dont gey my parcel.but in shoope item already dlvry??!!!what the …. where my parcel?? CJMY214422591297R please,i want my parcel a.s.a.p
    Poor services from CJ

  • please check my parcel MY216223825437Z
    this item stuck at cj century bukit raja

  • CJMY213467338875R my parcel being delay at hub bukit raja since 25 may its already 30 may when is the parcel gonna ship? I want my parcel ASAP!!! What a poor service :’)

  • Mohon check CJMY214885621880R
    Item ada di CJ Century Alor Setar…
    Percel fail to be dilivery..Dari 01/06
    Call A.setar Office sampai hari
    ni 05/06 tak jawab..!!!tiada sebarang
    Maklom balas Dari pihak CJ Century

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