How to contact CJ Century Hotline ? Have a problem with your CJ Century parcel ?

You may contact and call CJ Century Customer Service Hotline at 1700-81-8282 or email to for further enquiries.

CJ Century customer service

CJ Century Customer Service Hotline


Service Hours : Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm (Except Public Holiday)

CJ Century Courier Email Support

15 Thoughts on “CJ Century Customer Service Hotline”

  • my parcel almost sebulan tak dapat kol office no answer !!scammer ke apa please check my parcel CJMY218002278230R.

  • Barang saya katanya dah keluar delivery tapi sampai sekarang masih belum sampai² lagi. Dari 2/9/2021 . Boleh tolong percepatkan penghantaran MY214862115120R

  • I have never faced such a problem with any courier, my item is still stuck at CJ century bukit raja and it’s close to johor even to where I live. I received all other items from china even from selangor days ago which was shipped by a different courier. Yet my parcel hasn’t been updated since the 7th and today’s the 10th. Can’t call, email’s are automated. I don’t know what’s the hold. Was expecting to get my parcel by this week at least. I guess a lot

  • Cj century please do your work sent my parcel at your hub 15 sep until now 18sep not moving..i hope your can deliver my parcel on monday 20sep please take a note…my tracking no.CJMY210955995797R

  • Dafuq is “designated delivery date”??
    I waited whole day and u tell me delivery fail without call me??

    what a rubbish courier company

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