How to contact J&T Express Hotline ? Have a problem with your J&T Express parcel ?

You may contact J&T Express Customer Service Hotline at 1-300-80-9000 or contact J&T Express Live Chat support available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! 

J&T Express Customer Service is ready to serve you regarding parcel lost & damage, delay on delivery, parcel & shipping rate checking, or any suggestion and complaint of services provided by J&T.

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J&T Express Customer Service

J&T Customer Service Hotline

1 300 80 9000

03-9212 9660

Service Hours : 24 hours / 7 Days a week

J&T Express Live Chat

Service Hours : 24 hours / 7 Days a week

J&T Email Support

J&T Express Frequently Asked Questions

You may call J&T Express customer service hotline at 1300 80 9000 or chat with live chat agents

You may track your parcel HERE

You may call  1300 80 900 or walk in to any J&T Express Drop Point / Premium Courier Point/ Courier Point to raise a complaint case

You may find all J&T Express branch at here

23 Thoughts on “J&T Express Customer Service Hotline”

  • 626288336934 , 626313249657 ,626322130880 Penang Georgetown 309…why my parcel take so long…I havent receive yet…Can anyone help me? Nobody pick up also…

    • Hello , where is my parcel ? Why taking so long . Sampai bila nk perap barang saya tu ? Urgent nak pakai parcel tu. Tolong track 620000420534120 please. Thank you

  • Hai.. Bila brg saya bole dihantar ya.. Nk mereput menunggu.. Da lama terperap kt sana.. Tolong bantu saya.. No track 600273264950

  • Hello, I want to ask regarding my parcel. My number now currently having problem so I cannot received any call or message. My sister sent me parcel but she forgot write my number. So can I change the contact number to others number.? Because I’m afraid that they cannot call me . Urgent

  • J&t..

    Barang tak hantar tapi bila track kata delivered.
    Kena ambil sendiri kt j&t office..
    kata tak cover kawasan tu bukannya kawasan hulu. No track 600277267856
    J&t sila perbaiki servis.

  • Call dh banyak kali tpi no answer,email no answer… Sebelum nie sye xde masalah dgn jnt.. Tpi skrg, service makin teruk.. Parcel Customer sye dh status on hold.. Berapa lama nk ambik tempoh masa utk delivered ye? Knpe service makin teruk..

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