How to contact LEL Express ? Have a problem with your LEL Express/ Lazada parcel ?

You may contact and call LEL Express Customer Service Hotline at +603-86011888 (LEL Express Subang Hub)

LEL Express Customer service

LEL Express Customer Service Hotline


Service Hours : Mon to Fri 9.00am to 6.00pm (Except Public Holiday)

42 Thoughts on “LEL Express Customer Service Hotline”

  • Pls help update status on tracking no. LXST029744180MY. It’s arrived in Msia on 29 Aug bit until today I still not yet receive the item.

  • LXST031181612MY
    Dah sampai malaysia 11/9,dalam local malaysia lagi lambat dri overseas.Bila nak hantar ni…

  • Maaf rasa pelik bakpo sampai kb banyak ari dah barang tapi diperap kat mana tak sampai2 lagi kat tangan kita.Nak semak kt lelexpress track tak boleh, kol center pon tak boleh.TIDAK PERNAH ADA MANA2 DALAM PENGHANTARAN LAIN MACAM NI.

  • complaint on delivery personal
    1st day, 15 sept, send item to wrong address. im aware after getting delivery message. i have to catch another lel personal and ask him about this mistake.

    2nd day, 16 sept, he send another parcel at 11.30. he just leave the parcel with calling or make a sound (horn).
    hey it’s 11 morning. my house have no gate, the window is wide open and all my family member is there. this is a big parcel, why just leave without calling????.

  • My tracking number is LXST032506829MY wasn’t delivered to me via hand instead the new te was put was *Left at Doorstep +Petaling Jaya)* which once I’m home there wasn’t anything at my doorstep… How could a courier left the parcel at Doorstep when the recipient wasn’t at home… It showed an irresponsible attitude and I didn’t receive my parcel at all.. no idea where it went missing now… No matter what I need my parcel… Someone please get back to me on this.. the courier guy name is courier Almi Alwis… I want him to take responsibility of this courier which went missing now…

    MY NAME IS NURUL WAN ARLINA – HP NO 016-657 5912 he is no message or call regarding my parcel why not successfully deliver.
    Kindly pls help me to find out where is my parcel.
    Terima Kasih
    Yang Benar,

  • Tracking : LXST 032 5171 22MY salah hantar ke rumah saya, parcel ini bukan saya membeli. LEL express boleh datang ambil balik parcel ini hantar ke alamat betul.

  • Hai,can you check my parcel LXST032767776MY? It should receive today but until now I’m not received yet. Dh sampai kt pusat distribusi Kulim dari 17 Sept lagi sampai skrg tiada update terbaru.ll

  • hi i’m from BC M Laundry, we want talk to person in charge , about the collaborate with LEL express. Can i have a cantact number?
    my number (60172806923) can WhatsApp.

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