How to contact Lazada Malaysia Customer Service? What is Lazada Customer Service Number?

If you are facing problem with your Lazada’s order and parcels, you may contact Lazada Malaysia Customer Service Hotline at 03-27286600 or talk to their live chat agent at CLEO which available 24 hours a day!

Lazada customer service

Lazada Customer Service Hotline


Service Hours : Mon to Sun 9am to 6pm (Including Public Holiday)

Lazada CLEO Live Chat Services

Service Hours : 24 hours / 7 Days a week

Live Chat Careline

15 Thoughts on “Lazada Customer Service Hotline Number Malaysia”

    • i needs to lazada to do a return refund to me because of i m received a faulty item and the seller rejected back to me to item

  • I accidentally deleted my lazada while i didn’t get my order yet…when i download it again i lost all my order status and my lazada coins…i think this account is a different account with a same email could i get back my old account

  • Courier Muhammad Ameed
    Mohd Halui not do as promised to send parcel that he left at office

  • Please look into my order no: 282856282340061. I placed order on 26/5/2021 but until now still haven’t received my items. I have checked with the seller but no follow up on the status from her. I don’t expect such a bad service from lazada.

  • Lazada, i have try after try with Cleo but in vain so please try bank in back refund of rm161.04 straight back to my bank account.Thank you.

  • Seller is scamer and i request refund ,seller rejected ,dispute and i get return label ,i print it and arrived pos laju ,customer sevice said :
    Return label cannot use becaz only one label the nomally is two label for scan you can contact lazada .
    yesterday contact live agent he said department will email me give me a new return label but now is over 28hrs!Lazada never send everything to me
    Cleo no reply ,live agent also all currently occupied
    PLS direct refund Rm122.11


    • Barang yg saya order adalah kereta budak yg dapat drive sendiri tu.tetapi bila Brg sampai yg mengunakan no tracking barang tersebut adalah plastic hitam kosong.tidak mengandugi apa2 barang.bila kite tnyak saller,dia cakap Brg tu Kita dah tarima.memang Kita dah terima no tracking tersebut,tetapi Tak ada barang bah.lepastu bila Kita minta refund,saller cakap Tak dapat.habis tu duit RM321 utk saya order Brg tersebut dia org makan mcm tu saja lah.lazada Tak boleh harap punya…makan duit customer…

  • I didn’t get my parcel and the same was returned to seller. The courier never attempt to deliver. My cash returned to Lazada Wallet. Unfortunately I can’t activate the wallet. CLEO is useless. I need Lazada to refund my money.

  • Woooi lazada sp tidor lg ka brg dh smpai store 11/9 ……ari ni 15/9 ….xsmpai umah aku lg ka dok Simpn sna nk buat pa…

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