How to contact Monorail and LRT Helpline? Need assistance for your journey? 

You may contact and call Monorail & LRT Helpline at 1+603-7885 2585 available from 7.00am to 8.30pm. Alternatively,  you may submit feedback form to myrapid.

monorail and LRT helpline

Monorail and LRT Helpline Hotline

+603-7885 2585

Service Hours : Mon to Fri 7.00am to 8.30pm
Sun, Sun & Public Holiday 8.30am to 5.30pm

myrapid Feedback Form

Source from: myrapid

See also : MRT Hotline

One Thought on “Monorail and LRT Helpline Hotline”

  • LRT service getting poor. Sometimes take so long to wait or to move without even giving information. We hope they willing to improve services.

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