How to contact Digi customer service ? Have a problem with your Digi Line ?

You may contact and call Digi Customer Service Hotline at 016-221 1800 or contact Digi live chat support which available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Digi Customer Service

Digi Customer Service Hotline

016 221 1800

Service Hours : Available 24 hours

Chat with Digi Chat Bot

Service Hours : 24 hours / 7 Days a week

Live Chat Careline

Digi Frequently Asked Questions

You may call Digi Customer Service Hotline at 016-221 1800

  1. Use MyDigi website -> Accounts & Plans -> Details -> SIM Card Information at the bottom.
  2. Use MyDigi app -> Plan Details -> SIM Card Information at the bottom.
  3. Check your the PUK code printed on your SIM bracket.
  4. Call Digi Helpline at 0162211800.

Please search the digi store near you at

YES, Digi helpline is FREE for Digi user !

Source from : DIGI helpcenter

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  • Line digi sekarang macam pukimak kamu..beli kouta banyak mana pun line mcm pukimak jgk

  • Kenapa Customer services DIGI susah sangat nak pickup call… banyak kali call pun sama je.. Busy sangat ke .. nak tukar ke telco lain pun susah DIGI ni

    • Kenapa susah sgt ye nk tukar ke line lain..padahal baru je byr bil..tibq port out reject srh bayar rm15.51..arini plak ckp reject lg kna byr rm92 plak..bil bln lps dh byr abis x kn brpa ari guna dh smpi rm 100 lbh plak nk byr.macam2 plak alsan x bagi tukar ke line lain

  • Kenapa susah sgt nk tukar dr line digi ke line lain ya..tpon customer service 2 hr x berjawab.smlm port out reject sbb kna byr rm15.51 arini plak port out reject lg kna byr plk rm92++.bil bln lps dh settle x kn dlm ms 4 hr bil blh jd rm100++ plak..

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