How to contact Maxis Hotline ? Have a problem with your Maxis line?

Facing Maxis line slow problem? Maxis coverage issue or account problem?

You may contact Maxis Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-82-1123 available 24 hours. Otherwise you may chat in Maxis in WhatsApp or Live chat support for further assistant.

MAXIS Customer service hotline

Maxis Customer Service Hotline


Or call 123 from Maxis and Hotlink mobile

Service Hours : Available 24 hours

Maxis WhatsApp Live Chat

Maxis Live Chat Customer Service

Maxis Customer Service Email

MAXIS Frequently Asked Questions

You may contact Maxis Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-82-1123

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6 Thoughts on “Maxis Customer Service Hotline”

  • Hi, Customer Service and / or Billing Officer,

    Mobile Phone account: 1520922269

    I’ve have yet to receive the billing invoice by email which have been provided by your esteem company. That’s causes my overlooked to make payment promptly.

    Could you please furnish me a copy of invoice for my verification and kindly ensure such services continuity without disruption.

    Thanking for your cooperation in advance.

    Best regards,

    Johnson Ang

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021 7:54 AM
    To: Mau Hwee Ang
    Subject: Email notification: Overdue

    Dear ANG MAU HWEE,
    Your JANUARY bill of RM 209.00 for account 1520922269 is overdue and your outgoing communication will be interrupted.

    Pay online Maxis app @ OR Hotlink Postpaid app @ Pay online banking with JomPAY (Biller Code 1123, watch the video at disregard this EMAIL if payment has been made.
    Thank You

  • Hi, looks like my number has been expired yesterday. I forgot to top up. Please restore my number, i will pay thru bank asap. I am not able to come back to Malaysia due to Covid-19. If i lost this number i will be in trouble for my bank account. Thank you for your understanding my situation.

  • Hello, cam you help me with my maxis topup I can’t use the code because the code is invalid even I just bought it last 2 days and try it but it says code invalid

    I give you all detail about it and close please help me, I don’t want ti waste it was a huge value

    Terminal ID: 80127696

    Hotlink 10
    Transaction number: 1387
    Cashier: 80127696

    Please help me asap

  • Hello ,I totally cannot received or make call for maxis mobile.the line is totally out

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