How to contact TNB for outages or streetlight faulty ? You may call TNB Careline at 15454 or contact them at Facebook TNB Careline. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Careline available 24 hours daily including public holiday.

This TNB Contact Number is ready to respond any outage breakdowns issues within Peninsular Malaysia

For billing enquiries, please call TNB Billing Department Customer Service at 1300 88 5454

TNB Careline

TNB Careline Customer Service


Service Hours : Available 24 Hours

TNB Billing Customer Service

1300 88 5454

15454 SMS Service

To submit your TNB report, please follow the 3 simple steps!

To report a power outage at your registered premise or at another location

  1. Type BD
  2. Send to 15454
  3. Follow the simple instructions

To report on a faulty street lighting

  1. Type L
  2. Send to 15454
  3. Follow the simple instructions
live chat

TNB Careline Facebook Messenger

TNB Email Feedback

Click here to submit any suggestions, requests, complaints or questions you may have.

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To report on a faulty street lighting

You may call TNB Careline directly at 15454 or SMS to 15454

  1. Type L
  2. Send to 15454
  3. Follow the simple instructions

Source from: TNB Careline

Check also LHDN Hotline Careline

5 Thoughts on “TNB Careline Customer Service”

  • Letter from TNB dated 24 Nov 20 to Zhang Yongqing refers.

    Your reference TNB(B)/RA/SEL/6013 220025403008 on claim of faulty/illegal alternation of TNB Meter to unit 12A, Clover Garden Residence, Jalan Clover 7. I am a Malaysian and a friend to the Overseas Owner who is living in Beijing. She bought this property as an investment and do not have long in Malaysia. Your side can check from your own TNB records on her electricity consumption, which is very lower for months all these while as they hardly stay here. The most they stay shall be less than 1 month a year. In fact they have not stay a single 1 day even in a year as they do not travel into Malaysia for quite a while already due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    Since 2019, they have not been to Malaysia. With the Pandemic and MCO since March 2020, the property has been vacant. MY name is Tan Tiong MIng with contact number 012-2684328. I was asked by her to pay a visit to her house to collect any bills and mails in the letter box. This is when I saw the letter dated 24 Nov 2020 with the mails.

    The Owner has been informed on this “Fine” from TNB and requested my assistance to appeal to TNB on their behalf on the claim of tampered TNB meter. The reasons for such appeal are :

    1) The Property is bought as an investment and not meant for long term stay, thus there is no reason to tamper with the meter

    2) Upon received of the Vacant Possession, the Owner wouldn’t know the condition of the meter, be it original or now claimed to be tampered

    3) The usage is practically at the minimum every month, so there is no concern on electricity usage or the bother to tamper the meter in the first place

    I have also noticed that the latest bill of RM384.70 dated 26 Feb 2021 is impossible as there is no one staying at the house for the past 1.5 to 2 years. Your side can see that the regular bill per month is less than RM50 prior to this year and that is because only the Refrigerator is running.

    I would like to appear on her behalf and hope TNB can sincerely consider this appeal for the reasons mentioned above.

    Please feel free to contact me at the above number on this genuine appeal and I shall drop by at your nearest TNB Office to meet face to face to settle the fine.

    Thanking you in advance and hope to receive a favorable reply from TNB.

    Best regards

  • I have sold a property to a new owner. How can I can get back the deposit for the sold property and also to ensure the electricity bills are send to the new owner. This property was sold since November 2020

    Appreciate your prompt reply

  • Lama nya menunggu servis dari TNB.. Hampir 1 jam menunggu masih tak smpai lagi..

  • Streets Fails all along Jalan Anggerik 5/8/A
    Bandar Amanjaya,
    08000 Sg.Petani,

    Lamp pole TAJ4 -G4

  • Tidak dapat daftar akaun .Dinyatakan dalam sistem,no K/P dan akaun tidak sepadan.

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